The 3 Very Best Watches For Nurses In 2017 – Find Reviews And Discounts Here

Trying to find the best watches for nurses? Excellent! You’ve obviously come to the right website. Listed below are our top three picks (in no particular order). Happy shopping!

The Prestige Medical Supplies Cyber Gel


Top Pick: This gel based watch is very commonly purchased by nurses and other medical professionals. It’s nothing extravagant, but it is maneuverable, waterproof and very each to wash and scrub over. View prices and more details here…

The Casio Women’s LRW200H-7BVCF

Casio Women's LRW200H-7BVCF Watch

Also Great: Another common purchase by nurses, this simple yet effective Casio is very easy to read and is built to withstand the wear and tear of water and constant activity. It’s also affordable. View prices and more details here…

Prestige Medical Braided Band Fashion Watch

Prestige Medical Braided Band Fashion Watch, White

Also Great: This sleek model comes with a comfortable silicone band, chrome case and glass lens. The colors fit nicely with scrubs. View prices and more details here…

Silicone Nurse Brooch Fob Watch


Also Great: These hand held pocket watches are a great option for nurses. You can easily take vitals with them and the kids love the colors. The silicone banding washes easily. Comes with 10 different colors. Views prices and more details here…

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Facts About Nurse Watches

Watches are a necessity in the nursing profession. As a nurse, you will find that you need to use your watch regularly throughout your shift. You use it to check respiration and pulse rates; in addition, you use it to check your schedule. Essentially, your job description requires that you clean and sanitize your hands from time to time as you check on different patients. There are feature that your watch should have in order to ensure that it is in working after your shift is over. Therefore, you should consider durability and functionality of your watch as well as your personal style. This article discusses the factors considered when looking for the best watches for nurses.

Here are some of the features to look for when getting the ideal watch for your nursing shifts.

Water-resistant watches

All through your shift, you are likely to get some dirt on your watch; it may be blood, water, or vomit. Therefore, you will need to clean the watch. Additionally, you need to wash your hands after you are through with one patient before attending to the next patient. As such, in case it is a wristwatch, you do not need to take it off every time you do this.

Affordability of the watch

There is a good reason why you need to consider the affordability of the watch; how often it is damaged. It may be water resistant and able to withstand regular cleaning; however, you may damage it during an accidental hospital bed collision. In such cases, you have no option but to replace the watch. Therefore, you it may be advisable to buy affordable watches to buy during your shifts. In case of damage, you can always replace it. Avoid high-end watches for clinical duties; replaceable watches are the best for clinical duties.

Analog or digital watch

Some nurses use digital watches while others prefer the old-fashioned analog cases. You can choose either watch; what you need to do is consider your work efficiency and comfort. Most nursing schools recommend using analog watches; however, it is best to choose the watch that allows you to work more efficiently as a nurse. Digital watches have military time set ups. The reason why analog watches are preferred is that you can count seconds more efficiently; however, your work efficiency should be the primary factor in making the choice.

Wrist or lapel watch

This is a common debate among nurses. However, it is all based on preference. A wristwatch may have ease of access; nonetheless, it may harbor microorganisms and get soiled easily requiring frequent cleaning. Conversely, a lapel watch can be pinned to the nursing uniform and may help you control infection from microorganisms. A lapel watch may inconvenience you when trying to take a pulse and the other hand is soiled. However, you can make the right choice based on how efficiently you operate with a wrist or lapel watch.

Back-light capability

In case the lights are out n the patient’s room, you will manage to tell the time or count seconds when taking a pulse. Most wrist watches have a indigo or luminous back-light; whereas, analog watches have a background that glows in the dark. Wristwatches are preferable when it comes to back-light as the back-light is always available but the analog watch may require prior exposure to light in order to glow in the dark.

Convenience in use

The watch that you choose for clinical duties should provide you with comfort and convenience. For instance, apart from being water resistant, the watch should also be easy to clean. Look for material such as resin that is easy to clean. In addition, it should be lightweight for your comfort. You should not have to be conscious all the time about your watch due its weight. You should only remember the watch when you need to use it. For your convenience, you the watch’s battery should be easy to replace. Ensure that you buy some extra batteries for your watch. A replaceable band will save you the cost of replacing the watch in case of an accident in the emergency room. In case it is a digital watch, ensure that it has military time format; for an analog watch, it should always have a second hand for checking pulse and respiration rates.

With these considerations on the best watches for nurses factored in, your nursing/clinical duties will run smoothly.

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