Silicone Nurse Brooch Fob Watch Review



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A fob watch can be defined as a pocket watch that is usually attached to a waistcoat via a ribbon or chain. These watches are highly applicable in the medical profession by doctors and nurses who are often exposed to germs.

Product description
This fob watch is manufactured by FACILLA brand. The watch has a round shape, and has both digital and analog display to suit all preferences. The watch’s band is fabricated from silicone material. Its dial is silver in color and weighs 3.84 ounces. The watch uses quartz movement technique that measures vibration in a quartz piece that is powered by a battery.

Review of Silicone Nurse Brooch Fob Watch
This watch is available in ten different colors and is also packages with a free battery. The following are pros and cons of this inexpensive fob watch for nurses.

The Silicone Nurse Brooch Fob Watch has a time knob that can be easily adjusted. This is done via its quartz clock knob. Additionally, the watch is resistant to water, but cannot be submerged.

The fob watch is appropriate for night shifts due its dark hands that glow in the dark. Its quartz movement is also highly precise. This helps nurses to keep time while on the hospital floor. This fob watch is highly recommended for medical personnel such as nurses, nursing students and doctors. This is because they are highly hygienic compared than won watches.

In addition, it has watch wraps that are aesthetically appealing and since they come in different colors they can be easily coordinated with many outfits. This fob watch also has a long warranty of two years to give clients confidence in the product. Moreover, it is easy to clean after a shift. This is convenient for both nurses and nursing students. Most nurses will love it because it is excellent for taking respiration rates and taking pulse. Since it is not worn on the hands, it prevents accidents such a watching breaking when a nurse is turning over a patient.

Although the watch is water resistant, it cannot tolerate total submersion, such as swimming and showering. This is a major limitation. Another disadvantage is the fact that the pin used to attach it may easily break if mishandled. Also, it has a weak battery and might easily fall out of its holder. This makes it unreliable for nurses who should always be time conscious.

This watch is a wise choice of cheap fob watches for nurses. Buy it today to enjoy its benefits if you are an enthusiastic nurse.

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