The Prestige Medical Supplies Cyber Gel Watch Review

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Cyber Gel is a nursing watch designed by Prestige Medical; a California-based Company that manufactures a wide range of professional diagnostic instruments and accessories for the healthcare community.

In this article, we have reviewed features of this nursing watch to help you determine if it is the best option for you.

Positive side

24-hour dial with brightly visible second hand

The watch features a 24-hour dial with an easy to see second hand. You will be able to obtain and record accurate manual count of pulse and respiration. Lack of decorations also makes it good for casual wear.

Ergonomic design

Cyber Gel Watch features a round face, matching band and face, and a perfect size. It is a great watch that has been designed for convenience and comfort. The manufacturer has put more emphasis on the gel band to focus on comfort.

Water resistant casing

The watch comes with a water resistant casing which allows for contact with water or rain but not immersion. It is, therefore, a good option for those who constantly wash their hands. This makes it a great consideration for medical students, nurses and medical professionals.

Quartz movement 

Many people prefer quartz over mechanical watch. This is because mechanical watches have been found to be less accurate compared to quartz. They also require more maintenance. Some people may say that a mechanical watch has a certain level of beauty singling out its second hand which sweeps smoothly. This alone does not beat the benefits of quartz watch like Cyber Gel Watch which also comes with a smooth sweeping second hand.

More favorite color options

Prestige Medical Supplies Cyber Gel Watch comes with a wide range of colors to choose from, including chocolate, pink, black and white. The manufacturer has designed the watch in different colors to fit your personal style. With their own beautifully color matching band and face, you are presented with many unique combinations to choose from.

Negative side

Silicone Band

The silicone band on the watch might feel great on the hand but it presents a durability concern when compared to leather and metal band. Also, just like rubber, silicon reacts with heat which tends to make it lose its shape.

Not for everyone

The watch is designed for specific individuals. As stated earlier, it is a good option for nursing students, working nurses and other medical professionals. Specifically, it is designed for women in the healthcare community.

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